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Pasco, Washington’s School District One invested $72 million in a new 324,370 square-foot building at their Chiawana High School, for an ever-increasing student population. This new building split Chiawana High School into two wings that needed to be linked by a state-of-the-art technology solution.

The Needs

Part of the solution was a hi-tech fire protection system, and the planning team had a set of key requirements. Student and employee safety was clearly a major consideration. However, an open architecture was also paramount so that the solution could be easily installed by local service contractors. Moreover, the team needed a turnkey solution that was simple to operate and maintain in the new building, while keeping costs and disruption to a minimum.

The Solution

“Because this new high school is the largest in the state, and the distances between some locations and the main [fire alarm] control panel are extreme, we needed a system that was cost-effective, expandable and scalable,” explains Robert Fleshman, Project Manager for Moon Security Services, Inc., a local service contractor specializing in fire alarms and security.

Honeywell IFP-2000Freedom to choose the right service partner was a major consideration. Due to the project’s large scale, the Farenhyt IFP-2000 fire alarm system was selected. This provided the school with a flexible, sound and reliable fire protection network that was familiar to the local contractor and easy to use by the school’s employees. Moon Security quickly and efficiently installed the system, which was expandable across the entire school.

“We needed a system that was cost-effective, expandable and scalable […] We didn’t want a system that required troubleshooting.”
Robert Fleshman, Project Manager – Moon Security Services, Inc.

“We didn’t want a system that required troubleshooting, and the IFP-2000 has exhibited fast and rock-solid communication,” adds Robert. “Because this system is so scalable, we were able to connect additional power modules throughout the school and expand the number of devices without worrying about distance limitations. That makes for a more reliable system, while also allowing us to scale back the power for energy efficiency.”

Pasco’s School District One remodeled several areas of the original high school, where another IFP-2000 system from the Honeywell Farenhyt Series was retrofitted by Moon Security. “The IFP-2000 doesn’t require any special wire, so it can easily work with existing systems and devices,” says Robert. The Honeywell Farenhyt products also benefit from having a very simple, unobtrusive design, which will effectively bring each space up to date while ensuring minimal impact on the aesthetic qualities of the building.

The IFP Series control panels are compatible with most types of wire, including shielded, twisted pair and fiber optic cable. In many retrofit applications, this flexibility allows IFP control panels to utilize existing wiring, as well as many conventional and addressable detectors from previous fire alarm systems, reducing installation time and cost.

To install fire alarms in their new building as well as an existing space, Pasco’s School District One took advantage of the open architecture and easy-to-install turnkey features of the Honeywell Farenhyt Series to obtain cost-effective systems that are easy to operate and maintain.


  • Authorized personnel can view real-time information on system status and events via annunciators located in two remote locations
  • Around 1000 signaling line circuit (SLC) devices were installed to provide fast, thorough detection throughout the expansive, high-ceilinged building.
    SLC devices included:
    – Pull stations
    – Heat sensors
    – Smoke detectors
    – Beam detectors
  •  Fire alarm stations include a cover that sounds a local alarm to prevent tampering by students
  • The solution includes emergency communication system capabilities The entire system is monitored off-site by Moon Security, who are also responsible for all system and maintenance testing.

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