I’m Taking You Down With Me

Fire at Chocolaterian patisserieIn the case of a fire, most people think about the damage the flames do to a structure, but don’t consider the additional damage the water used to fight the fire can do. Also, what about the costs associated with a business literally not being able to operate? What about the costs associated with production time lost and with the need to setup in a new location?

In April of 2018, the Chocolaterian patisserie in Madison experienced an electrical fire that originated in the basement and expanded up towards the roof through the wall.

Although the fire was ruled accidental, it caused $750,000 in damage that affected the Chocolaterian’s ability to generate retail as well as wholesale and online income, it also affected multiple other businesses whose only mistake was setting up shop in the same building.

Smoke and water damage ruined inventory for Vault Interiors (an interior design firm) and closed their retail location. The company will be moving to a new location in another city. Insight Counseling and Wellness had three of the four suites they rented destroyed and have since moved to a new location on the same street. Bizzy Bizzy and Dirigible Studio, creative and marketing companies, moved to other locations.

The loss of revenue would have been easily avoided if the building had been equipped with a fire sprinkler system. Though simple in operation, these systems are fantastic at preventing the spread of the fire until the fire department can arrive, often extinguishing the blaze outright, all while using considerably less water than the fire fighters are going to need to use.

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