Incentivizing Home Builders to Add Fire Sprinklers

Thirty years ago, you had 15 minutes to escape a house fire. Now, it’s down to less than 2 minutes.

How can that possibly be enough time to get an entire family to safety?

Today’s home furnishings, such as carpets, couches, drapes and mattresses, are composed of fast-burning synthetics. Once a fire is ignited, it’s only a matter of seconds until occupants are overwhelmed by the dark, toxic smoke that spews from flaming furnishings or from the heat itself.

There is hope. And a solution.

Incentives to Home BuildersAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, fires were kept from spreading out of the room in which they started 97% of the time when sprinklers were present. Activated only from the intense heat of a fire and never from things like smoke off of burning toast, fire sprinkler systems not only contain the fire, they also use less than 10% of the water firefighters would use to fight your fire.

But getting fire sprinklers into new home construction has been a challenge. Fire sprinklers and their functionality is often misunderstood, especially regarding the costs involved. A Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition survey discovered that 55% of developers would be interested in building homes with fire sprinkler systems if offered trade ups or incentives which reduce construction costs. Unfortunately, only 6% of developers had ever been offered them.

And even though 95% of fire department personnel support sprinklers in the home, 92% of them are in jurisdictions that don’t currently offer any sort of incentive encouraging developers and home builders to install the systems when new houses are built.

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition encourages fire fighting personnel and others to speak with planning and zoning boards to talk about incentives. Participation has the potential to help in the formulation of plans that result in more buildings covered by fire sprinkler systems and to protect families for decades to follow. In other articles, we’ve written about how changes to the tax code offer an opportunity for savings on fire sprinkler installation, about the amount of time a family has to get to safety when using fire sprinklers and the amount of property damage that is avoided, and even about how fire sprinkler systems are cheaper and cleaner too when compared against the cost of losing a home or other building to fire.

Contact Best Defense Fire Protection & Security today – we’ll gladly take the time to discuss adding life-saving fire sprinkler systems to your new or existing buildings.

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