NFPA to Fast-Track New Standard for Unified Response

In the past 6 years, the United States has seen 232 deaths and 1058 injuries from mass shootings.

In the 60 years previous to this period, we experienced 242 deaths and 198 injuries.

Had the rate and deadliness of mass shootings not increased, it would have taken until the year 2072 to match the number of deaths caused from 1949 to 2009 and until the year 2312 to match the number of wounded.

This rise in active shooter incidents has prompted the National Fire Protection Association to fast-track a new standard for response. This is only the second time in the organization’s 121-year history a provisional status has been authorized, spurred by this serious life safety concern.

NFPA 3000 “establishes preparedness, response and recovery benchmarks with a focus on integrated protocol, and civilian and responder safety. When issued, the standard will provide guidance for organizing, managing, and sustaining an active preparedness and response program so that the risk, effect, and impact of hostile events can be reduced.”

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