Updating a Fire Alarm System – Kind of Like Changing a Tire While Driving

How do you update an antiquated fire alarm system in a 600,000 square foot senior living facility without disturbing the 450 residents? You call Best Defense Fire Protection & Security.

Updated fire alarm system at Tudor Oaks Senior LivingThe extensive renovation involved the overhaul of two separate fire alarm systems that covered seven wings that include apartments, assisted living and a skilled-care nursing home. The original system was old, with no available parts, and didn’t meet current code requirements.

Best Defense designed a solution utilizing a Honeywell Farenhyt IFP-2000 fire alarm control panel as well as smoke detectors and horn strobes through the facility and carbon monoxide detectors in all apartment garages. The 12-member Best Defense team installed more than 875 horn strobes – any of those in sleeping areas had to have 177 candela.

“Oftentimes we get a large count on our horn strobe appliance, but it’s not very often that I have to have 190 of them at 177 candela and an overall total of over 890 strobes,” Best Defense owner Carter Rierson says. “But the IFP-2000 really came in handy for this project. The benefit with this panel is the intelligent power expanders — the RPS-1000 — which supply about 150 amps of power. That’s huge for a fire alarm system.”

The system was designed and built to consider alerts to other parts of the large building. “The benefit of doing this is that oftentimes the hazard isn’t just the fire,” Rierson says. “When you’re evacuating people in their 80s at 2 a.m., when it’s very cold, you’re creating more of a hazard than leaving them in the building if the fire isn’t directly in their area.”

The installation also included an access control system, a telephone entry panel, CCTV cameras, a new paging system, as well as a Cellevator elevator-monitoring product for emergency voice communications in the 12 elevators.

Administrators at Tudor Oaks, which is owned by American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, are pleased with the system and are especially impressed with Best Defense’s deft ability to work around the residents, says John Marek, general contractor and owner’s representative of John Marek Inc.

“We couldn’t have the fire alarm or any other life-safety system down for any period of time because this is a healthcare and assisted living facility with several hundred people living here and 150 employees,” he says. “So, Best Defense built around them and integrated all the life-safety systems. After those were up and running, they put in the new system and it integrated seamlessly.”

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