Virus Spread Shouldn’t Facilitate Fire Spread

At this point in history, Corvid 19 AKA the Coronavirus needs no introduction nor explanation. The entire world population is going through their collective days, trying to figure out how life needs to change to stay healthy.

However, it’s important to to remember the other safety protocols we’ve established and not set those aside. Just because the virus is here, now, doesn’t mean other hazards aren’t waiting their turn around the corner.

From the National Fire Protection Association:

Don’t Compromise Fire Safety While Responding to Coronavirus: Keep Fire Doors Operable

As incidents of the coronavirus have continued to climb in the U.S., you’d be hard-pressed to get through the past couple of weeks without hearing reports of its spread. All of this is understandably generating conversation and concern among all of us.

While no one knows what the true extent of the virus or its impact will be, it’s clear that everyone is thinking hard about ways to implement preventative measures for keeping safe … [read more]