An article in the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA Journal discusses the challenges that arise from a huge increase in...
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Gamewell FCI Meets the Needs

By Best Defense  /  June 13, 2018
When the University of Central Florida, the largest university in the U.S., looked for a flexible fire alarm architecture that...
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Deadly Lessons Learned

By Best Defense  /  June 7, 2018
Practically a perfect storm of a fire, the Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago resulted in over 600 deaths, barely a...
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How do you update an antiquated fire alarm system in a 600,000 square foot senior living facility without disturbing the...
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In December 2017, an 84-year-old resident living at an assisted-living facility froze to death. The woman had dementia and was...
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Giving Schools the Power of Choice

By Best Defense  /  May 4, 2018
Pasco, Washington’s School District One invested $72 million in a new 324,370 square-foot building at their Chiawana High School, for...
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Dryer Vents – Do You Know How Often to Clean Them?

By Best Defense  /  May 1, 2018
According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clothes dryers in the home are responsible for 2,900 reported home fires each year,...
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Farenhyt In a Mall – Turning Chaos Into Order

By Best Defense  /  April 26, 2018
It started as a small parts and smarts job – providing shop drawings, submittal documents, fire alarm equipment and programming...
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New and Improved Buildings Lead to Improved Building Fires

By Best Defense  /  April 23, 2018
“Modern homes are a perfect storm waiting to happen.” This from a report by Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety consulting...
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Your House Fire is Going to Burn All Your Lottery Winnings

By Best Defense  /  April 17, 2018
In a recent Red Cross survey, 40% of the participants were of the opinion they were more likely to win...
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An Easily Avoided Tragedy

By Best Defense  /  April 9, 2018
A Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, apartment fire has taken the life of one resident and injured five others who are, at...
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Incentivizing Home Builders to Add Fire Sprinklers

By Best Defense  /  April 6, 2018
Thirty years ago, you had 15 minutes to escape a house fire. Now, it’s down to less than 2 minutes....
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NFPA to Fast-Track New Standard for Unified Response

By Best Defense  /  April 5, 2018
In the past 6 years, the United States has seen 232 deaths and 1058 injuries from mass shootings. In the...
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Fire and Foam and 100 Dead

By Best Defense  /  March 28, 2018
For the band Great White, 10 years past their prime, it was a night playing to a crowd of 400...
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Safer. Cheaper. Cleaner Too – the Environmental Impact of Fire Sprinklers

By Best Defense  /  March 16, 2018
Best Defense has already written about how sprinkler systems keep budding fires under control, giving occupants more time to exit...
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Humans – Fire Sprinklers’ Worst Enemy

By Best Defense  /  March 8, 2018
There’s no doubt about the impact fire sprinkler systems have as part of a building’s fire protection system. They can...
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Smoke Alarms – Life-Saver or Ugly Art?

By Best Defense  /  March 6, 2018
Dan Doofus: An Alarming Trend A smoke alarm can save your life and the lives of those you care about...
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Fire Sprinklers – Fact vs Fiction

By Best Defense  /  February 15, 2018
When we think about the use and addition of fire sprinklers in homes and business, it’s important to address the...
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Tax Code Change Means It’s Time for Your New Security System

By Best Defense  /  February 14, 2018
In addition to a change which allows for greater expensing of purchases related to life-saving fire sprinkler systems, the new...
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House Fire Timeline, With and Without Fire Sprinklers

By Best Defense  /  February 12, 2018
Best Defense Fire Protection & Security would like to share with you this animated timeline from the Home Fire Sprinkler...
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Burn Awareness Week

By Best Defense  /  February 8, 2018
The American Burn Association is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by burn injury. As part of their...
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This Is Us Uses Slow Cooker to Kill — Are You Safe?

By Best Defense  /  January 31, 2018
This Is Us, the NBC drama series with an 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, killed off a favorite character...
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Fire Sprinkler Systems Provide the Crucial Time Necessary for Residents to Escape Fires

By Best Defense  /  January 30, 2018
NFSA: Sprinklers in High-Rise Buildings Have you ever stopped to think about how safe your high-rise building would be in...
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Lack of Compliance Results in Death of 36

By Best Defense  /  January 25, 2018
On December 2, 2016, fire broke out in a warehouse which had been in use as an artist collective, including...
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Change to Tax Code Offers Cost-Effective Opportunity for Fire Sprinkler Retrofit

By Best Defense  /  January 22, 2018
For some property owners, the cost of installation has been a factor preventing them from making the important decision to...
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