Best Defense Designs, Installs, and Services Emergency Responder Radio Repeaters

The International Building Code 2009 edition as adopted by the State of Wisconsin requires that all new buildings provide emergency radio coverage throughout. Though many smaller buildings in areas of adequate police / fire / ems radio coverage may have adequate radio coverage without any special amplification or repeating, many larger buildings, buildings with metal construction, or buildings with multiple stories may not meet the requirements of IBC 915 / IFC 510 without the installation of a repeater system.

Best Defense can assist you in meeting these codes, which are required to occupy your new building, by designing and installing bi-directional amplifiers (BDA's) in areas that do not meet the requirements of the code for proper coverage. BDA's are easily installed and maintained by installing an outdoor antenna which is wired to the amplifier. The boosted output of the BDA amplifier is then wired to multiple antennas inside your building, boosting and re-directing the coverage.

Section 916 - Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Code

If you're designing a new building, contact or call 800-237-8379 and have us engineer a system to meet your coverage requirements.

Best Defense Emergency Responder Radio Reapeters
Modern steel / concrete / tinted glass buildings are essentially "radio opaque" which signals cannot penetrate into or out of.