Best Defense is Your Partner for Professional Fire Solutions — Fire Alarms Design Simple

Best Defense designs are created by a NICET Level IV certified designer with over 20 years of experience in alarm installation. We design your installation to not just be code compliant, but also to be easy for you to install. In short, the easier we make it for you, the more profitable you’ll be.

We will provide you with a professional design that accounts for both state and local codes. We can also assist you in working directly with your customers as a design consultant in design-bid installations. We ensure that the system installed is the compliant system that is best for the customer, making you look good!

Best Defense Fire Alarm Panels

Professional Technicians

Best Defense provides NICET and factory authorized technicians who are well-trained and professional. Not only do we provide the final panel connections, programming, and testing, but we also assist you by answering questions and ensuring that you are efficient and compliant while installing the system wiring.

We will provide a pre-wire walkthrough of the project, neat panel wiring, programming, and acceptance testing for each of your installations. We are trained to be your installation partner, not just to complete the installation. It is our goal to make your business look good to your customer and to help ensure your profitability.

Professional CAD Drawings

Our drawings make your job easy! Best Defense provides high quality compliant drawings that are a virtual “paint by number”, making it easy for your crew to wire the system, saving you labor. All plans are created in AutoCAD and we can provide you with both PDF and printed copies. We are efficient and meticulous, ensuring timely approvals on your submittals - and no headaches!

Best Defense Professional Technicians