Honeywell NOTIFIER is part of a continuous development of new solutions to improve life-safety in buildings. Best Defense is pleased to integrate, install, and service this brand of world leading fire, voice evacuation, and advanced detection systems. Honeywell's powerful Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) save lives and protect property from new and emerging threats using innovative communication and networking technologies.

When lives are at risk, trust NOTIFIER total life-safety solutions to protect what matters most.

The ONYX Series - The Ultimate in Life Safety and Emergency Communications Technology

Flexible, Expandable, Backward Compatible

Honeywell NOTIFIER Onyx SeriesNOTIFIER’s ONYX Series of intelligent fire alarm control panels have the flexibility to meet the needs of any size application. ONYX Series panels are easily expanded with NOTI-FIRE-NET, NOTIFIER’s intelligent fire alarm network, to keep pace with your life safety needs.

What’s more, ONYX Series panels and NOTI-FIRE-NET are completely backward compatible with existing NOTIFIER intelligent systems, so you can add-on or upgrade without having to replace existing devices.

Advanced Detection Technology

ONYX detection delivers a rapid, intelligent response to incipient fire signatures while substantially reducing nuisance alarms. Specialty detectors supply stability and very early warning capability where unique hazards and environmental conditions exist that prohibit the use of traditional smoke detectors.

Integrated Audio Evacuation and Paging

ONYX Digital Voice Command (DVC), NOTIFIER’s multi-channel digital audio evacuation and paging system, features eight channels of industry-leading quality audio, five fi refi ghter telephone channels, wire, fi ber or hybrid options, and can broadcast multiple, distinct messages throughout an entire facility or across a campus simultaneously.

Easy to Use and Maintain

ONYX Series panels feature full QWERTY keypads, large 80-640 character LCD displays, and intuitive menu options, making it easy for facility managers to perform routine system maintenance, testing, and basic programming functions such as enabling or disabling points. If an intelligent device is ever damaged and needs replacement, facility personnel can do so quickly and easily without the need for special tools or programming software.


ONYX Digital Voice Command

ONYX Digital Voice Command (DVC) is NOTIFIER's most powerful Emergency Communications System, designed to communicate one- or two-way emergency messages to individuals and groups, plus paging. NOTIFIER solutions are scalable, ECS technologies which can be implemented in phases and integrated as they're brought online.

Superior Message Clarity

From message storage to amplifier output, the voice message remains in a digital format in order to eliminate distortion and deliver unequaled clarity.

Broadcast Multiple Messages Simultaneously

ONYX DVC features 8 channels of industry leading quality audio, five firefighter telephone channels, wire, fiber, or mixed media networking options, and can broadcast multiple, distinct messages throughout your entire facility simultaneously. With ONYX DVC, building occupants will receive clear voice instructions pertaining to their location and proximity to the emergency.

Applications: Universities, High Rise Buildings, Corporate Campuses, Industrial Facilities, Chemical and Utility Plants, Ports and Mass Transit Hubs, Sports Arenas, Government Complexes

Networking and Integration

Honeywell NOTIFIER Networking and IntegrationONYXWorks gives you total control over your life-safety system. Whether you need to monitor a single building, a campus, or a citywide or global enterprise. ONXYWorks is a single-point-of-control workstation that integrates NOTIFIER systems over a single network.

Highly Intuitive Interface

The intuitive ONYXWorks interface displays building floor plans with interactive, fire, security, and includes clear, concise instructions on what actions must be taken for both fire and non-fire events. Customizable screens and multiple configuration options facilitate set up, minimize operator training, and allow you to adapt the system to your needs.

Speak Locally, Act Globally, with NOTIFY-IP

When responding to an event, a coordinated response can save lives and preserve property. NOTIFY-IP, a plug-in to ONYXWorks, broadcasts encrypted, real-time voice instructions to a single facility or to multiple location worldwide using an IP network connection. With NOTIFY-IP, the network connection is continuously monitored to ensure system integrity and reliability.

ONYX FirstVision

ONYX FirstVisionIn an emergency, the only thing more important than speed is reliable information. With ONYX Firstvision, a first responder or incident commander goes directly to the system's interactive touch screen to quickly assess critical information. This shows them the origin of the fire, how fast and in which direction it is spreading, and the access and exit routes that are affected. With this information, firefighters and other emegency personnel can quickly develop and execute a safer, more effective response than can potentially reduce the loss of property and life.

Get the Whole Picture, Quickly and Accurately

Current annunciators only display information from the fire alarm control panel, usually showing no more than which devices are in alarm. FirstVision's 22" touch screen displays entire floor plans with the location of all active alarm devices, potential hazards, additional access and egress routes, as well as standpipe, stairway, and emergency shutoff locations throughout the building. Anything that might help or hinder an emergency responder is clearly indicated.

See the Whole Campus or a Single Detector

With FirstVision, emergency responders are able to quickly identify all areas of concern and direct arriving personnel to strategic positions, even if it's across multiple buildings. With just a few touches of the screen, they can switch from a broad view to a focus down to an individual building, floor, or room - even a single, activated smoke detector.

Emergency Communication Systems

Emergency Communications System
It is critical to keep people informed during a wide scale emergency. Notifications about potentially life threatening situations can prevent injuries and save lives. These situations require an emergency communications system which can broadcast live, up-to-the-minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities spread across an entire city.

Giant Outdoor Voice Integrated with Whelen Speaker Arrays

A wide variety of notification appliances are available, including Giant Outdoor Voice and LEDArray Series Indoor Displays, offering mass notification solutions for indoor, outdoor, and remote locations.

Worldwide Emergency Notification over IP Technology

NOTIFY-IP uses Voice over Internet Protocol to send live voice instructions throughout a large facility, campus, or multiple facilities across the world. Within seconds, a notification of a potential or existing emergency can be spread as far and wide as necessary. Activation is simple; the operator selects the desired paging locations, clicks the "Start Paging" button, and speaks into a microphone with the appropriate emergency message.

Distributed Recipient Emergency Communications

Alert large and targeted audiences quickly and reliably with critical communications to desktop systems, public displays, telephones, and wireless devices. Ensure that messages are received within seconds, not minutes, and reduce the risk of employees taking incorrect action or putting themselves in danger.

NOTIFIER FirstCommand - Integrated, Expandable Emergency Communications

NOTIFIER FirstCommand
NOTIFIER's FirstCommand is a compact, standalone voice evacuation and emergency communications system that can be used in many common building types to meet life-safety code or end-user requirements for voice and paging during an emergency.

This integrated system is easily expanded to include many of the advanced features found in NOTIFIER's more sophisticated Digital Voice Command system, such as backup amplification, remote microphones, firefighters telephones, local operating consoles, and remote paging units.

NOTIFIER FirstCommand Integration

With direct integration to NOTIFIER’s addressable ONYX® or FireWarden panels, the fire alarm control panel can take direct control of FirstCommand during an incident. The fi re alarm control panel and FirstCommand will act as one unit to identify the alarm location and respond with the appropriate message for that incident or emergency. Programming the integrated FirstCommand system is done via a serial communications, using a built in programming utility from a laptop with a web browser. NOTIFIER FirstCommand can be added to buildings with non-NOTIFIER fi re panels via contact closures and make the most of existing fire panels.

Powerful Features

The FirstCommand main unit has 50 watts of audio power with the option of sending a message to up to eight discrete speaker circuits. The addition of a second, optional amplifier raises the power output to 100 watts or 50 watts of backup power. Up to fourteen unique messages can be stored in FirstCommand and then directed to the areas of the building where the emergency is unfolding either automatically via programming or manually by the incident commander.

Distributed amplifiers can be added to the main unit for system expansion up 4 to 1,100 watts of speaker power split over 24 speaker circuits. If called for by the system designer, up to a total of eight Local Operating Consoles (LOCs), Remote Paging Units (RPUs), or Remote Microphones (RMs) can be added to FirstCommand via an easy-to-wire interface. LOCs or RPUs can be installed through the building. If an incident occurs near a LOC or RPU, more precise incident management is possible.

eVAnce Services - Service and Inspection Software that Enhances Your Bottom Line

eVance Services
eVance Services is a leading-edge software service that streamlines and improves test, inspection and service management operations for NOTIFIER distributors. Because your customers’ buildings will have test and inspections done consistently and in accordance with appropriate codes and standards, Building Owners and Managers benefi t from the improved professionalism, consistency, accuracy and timeliness of the test, inspection and maintenance services they receive.

The web portal provides documentation that all devices on a NOTIFIER fire system have been physically tested. The bar
coding option enables any device or equipment within a facility to be integrated into eVance. Inspectors, building ownersand managers as well as fire officials have immediate 24/7 electronic access to a building’s test and inspection reports, compliance documentation and other historical data.

Inspection Manager
The Inspection Manager dramatically improves the accuracy, efficiency and professionalism of Test and Inspection activities.

  • Streamline testing and reporting - The Inspection Manager automatically generates professionally formatted reports that comply with NFPA 72 or Joint Commission requirements.
  • Take digital photographs of deficiencies that require corrective action on your mobile device.
  • Ensure buildings are compliant, tested consistently and correctly, and safe

Service Manager
The Service Manager enhances distributor’s communications with centralized information management and real-time data sharing.

  • Receive real time alerts! Know immediately of any issues with installed fire systems and provide fast response time.
  • Building Owners and Managers have real time access to service date and history, test and inspection reports, shared files, and system alerts
  • Improve Service Quality and Increases First Time Fix Rates
  • Makes Dispatching More Efficient. Puts all the necessary information to schedule service calls in one place along with job tracking, calendars, and report storage.

Wireless Technology - SWIFT Wireless Integrated Fire Technology - Reliable Wireless Fire Detection Fully Integrated with ONYX Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless technologyNOTIFIER’s wireless solution interfaces with intelligent fire systems to create a robust mesh network with UL listed Class A communication mesh protocol.

The SWIFT wireless system interfaces seamlessly with current ONYX fire alarm control panels, a wireless gateway (FWSG), and the wireless devices (detectors and module). SWIFT systems can be configured with simple tools, but
the optional SWIFT TOOLS software suite can be used with the W-USB radio/antennal on a Windows laptop to provide detailed information on site survey, mesh formation, and system diagnostics.

Fully Integrated
SWIFT detectors report sensing values to the panel, so that FlashScan advanced detection features are fully used. Detector sensitivity can be adjusted at the panel, and features such as cooperative detection may be applied.
In addition, compatible ONYX panels report unique wireless events on the panel display, such as low battery trouble.

Each SWIFT wireless mesh can support up to 50 devices (one gateway and up to 49 wireless devices). Multiple gateways can be installed on a single ONYX panel, or on multiple panels in the same area. The number of gateway systems
is limited by the address capacity of the panel, and a maximum of four gateway systems in the same wireless space. In cases where repeaters are required to establish a robust system, a monitor module or any SWIFT device may be used to extend the reliable range of the mesh without imposing premium cost penalties typical of competitive systems.

A unique proprietary spread spectrum frequency hopping cascading wave wireless mesh protocol has been optimized for the needs of life safety systems, with Class A operation that uses multiple communication paths for every message,
and robust self-healing capabilities that can adapt to changing building environments.

Built to Last
The SWIFT system was designed with maintenance in mind. SWIFT devices use familiar code wheel addressing that fits with the wired intelligent devices on the system. Each SWIFT wireless device is powered by four CR123A lithium batteries for an expected two plus years of operation. (Currently UL listed for one year of operation, with further testing scheduled). SWIFT TOOLS provides detailed information on the operation of a SWIFT mesh network, including battery strength, signal strength for each link, system snapshots, and detailed history reports, providing technical support with the information needed to build and maintain healthy wireless systems.

Advanced Detection - Speed, Stability, and Reliability

Advanced detectionNOTIFIER's ONYX Series intelligent life-safety systems respond rapidly to developing fire signatures with unmatched precision, while also significantly reducing nuisance alarms. This is all made possible by NOTIFIER's ONYX Advanced Detection technology - advanced software algorithms found in all ONYX Series fire alarm panels coupled with advanced, specialty detectors. From mission-critical applications where even a trace amount of smoke is unacceptaqble to environments where the presence of dust, moisture, or smoke is the norm - ONYX Advanced Detection is the right choice.

IntelliQuad PLUS - Combination Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detector
This plug-in, addressable device combines four seperate sensing elements (smoke, CO, infrared, and heat) in one unit. This system enhances sensitivity to fires with an improved immunity to nuisance particulate. When used together with NOTIFIER's addressable sounder base, as many as four separate devices may be replaced for a more efficient installation.

IntelliQuad - The Ultimate Multi-Criteria Detector
This detector senses smoke particulates, carbon monoxide, heat, and infrared signatures simultaneously to determine the presense of a fire. Sensor readings are continually measured against one another, allowing the detector to operate normally with a high immunity to nuiseance conditions, while still quickly responding to true alarm events.

Acclimate Plus - Self-Optimizes, Senses Heat and Smoke
The Acclimate Plus detector combines thermal and photoelectric technologies into a single device. It constantly monitors ambient heat and particulate conditions, adjusting sensitivity parameters and alarm thresholds automatically to maximize detections across a broad range of fire types.

VIEW Laser Detector - Super Sensitive Spot-Type Detection
The VIEW laser smoke sensor is programmable to be up to 100 times more sensitive than standard photoelectric smoke detection technology. VIEW is ideal for critical applicaitons where even a trace of undetected smoke is unacceptable or where high air flows can make traditional smoke detectors ineffective.

Early warning systems

Early Warning in Challenging Environments

Aspirating Smoke Detection
NOTIFIER offers the broadest range of highly sensitive and nuisance-immune aspirating smoke detection solutions through the Xtralis by Honeywell VESDA and FAAST range of aspirating smoke detection systems. This provides a highly sensitive, very early warning smoke detection with intelligent fire panel integration options.

Open-Area Smoke Detection
Fire detection for buildings with open spaces presents unique challenges and very early warning may not always be the priority. When only standard sensitivity detection is required, Open-Area Smoke Detection (OSID) by Xtralis offers a reliable and cost-effective smoke detection solution for open spaces. It delivers superior performance to overcome all of the shortcomings inherent to other detection systems currently used in these applications such as traditional beam, heat, and flame detectors.

Gas and Flame Detection

Gas and flame detectionAlmost anywhere people gather for work or leisure, indoors or out, there is a potential risk of exposure to toxic or flammable gases. Whether at a school, dormitory, office building, shopping center, swimming pool, manufacturing plant, or warehouse, it is important to protect people while complying with legal requirements for gas monitoring. An expertly installed system can go a long way to prevent untimely and costly business disruptions.

An Added Level of Protection
Hazardous and toxic gases are present in virtually every commercial environment and can threaten the safety of building occupants. NOTIFIER offers a comprehensive suite of gas detection products for a wide range of commercial and industrial environments, all of which integrate seamlessly with our proven life-safety systems.

Programmable Event Threshold Maximizes Flexibility
The FMM-4-20 module is user programmable for up to five different event thresholds, based on the concentration level of the gas being monitored. When a dangerous gas reaches a designated level, the system responds with the appropriate pre-programmed response. Events fall into one of the following conditions: fire, security, supervisory, non-fire trouble, pre-alarm, non-fire, and critical process.

The Need for Flame Detection
While the use of heat and smoke detection covers many traditional applications, the addition of flame detection offers a higher level of protection in critical, high-risk and high-value installations. Honeywell's Fire Sentry series of flame detectors includes a broad offering of industry-leading flame detection options. It provides solutions for everything from safe areas to high risk applications - boiler rooms, paint booths, fuel storage and refueling facilities, gas and oil production facilities, aircraft hangars, and more.

FireWarden Series

The FireWarden Series

FireWarden-50 - A Non-Conventional Approach
The FireWarden-50 is perfect for smaller buildings requiring a minimal amount of initiating and notification devices - installationstypically served by conventional panels.

Offering all the benefits of addressable technology, including support for up to 50 addressable devices of any type on a single signaling line circuit loop, the FireWarden-50 represents a highly competitive and favorable alternative to today's conventional systems.

Applications: banks, child care centers, places of worship, restaurants, small retail stores

FireWarden-100-2 - An Intelligent Option
The FireWarden-100-2 is designed for applications requiring more advanced addressable intelligent, flexible programming options, and robust power supply for driving horns, strobes, and auxiliary devices.

With features such as remote upload / download programming and diagnostics, point identification, drift compensation, built in digital alarm communicator transmitter, and notification appliance circuit synchronization, the FireWarden-100-2 delivers big system performance on a small scale.

Applications: cinemas, department stores, food stores, elementary schools, small nurshing homes, assisted living facilities