Best Defense Provides Complete Life-Safety Solutions for Industrial Facilities

We're proud to provide complete life-safety solutions for Wisconsin industrial facilities and operations. Best Defense can install sprinkler systems, fire alarms, door alarms, and camera system for these facilities.

We're familiar with all the codes relevant to the intricate needs of the unique hazards modern industry can present. We can assist you in designing a fire alarm system or sprinkler system to meet code requirements and will provide and submit to the State of Wisconsin a comprehensive plan review package for your installation.

Best Defense also provides annual fire alarm inspections and fire alarm sensitivity testing to meet testing requirements. We offer a comprehensive set of testing tools including barcoding for each of your devices to track the inspection and hi-tech smoke detector sensitivity testing equipment.

Contact us for all of your fire alarm needs at or call us at 800-237-8389.

Design Consultant

Best Defense Sprinkler DesignOur licensed sprinkler fitters have years of experience and will provide you with a professionally designed and serviced system at a fair cost.

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Inspection Services

Best Defense Sprinkler Inspection ServicesBest Defense can affordably assist you in meeting all of the NFPA 25 Inspection and Testing (National Fire Protection Association) requirements for your fire protection system.

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Camera Systems

Best Defense Camera SystemsOur digital video recorders include remote viewing software that allows you to view live or recorded security video from your computer. You'll be able to view and control your digital video through the internet or over your internal network.

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Fire Extinguishers

Best Defense Fire ExtinguishersBest Defense is your source for fire extinguisher compliance — ensure your extinguishers are compliant with requirements for testing, inspection, and hydro-testing. Professional service at reasonable rates.

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3CX IP Telephone Systems

Best Defense 3CX IP Phone SystemsBest Defense uses 3CX IP servers and Cisco SPA IP telephones — easy to install and maintain, you'll save money with a convenient, effective, robust system.

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Fire Alarms

Best Defense Fire AlarmsBest Defense installs fire alarm systems for a wide variety of applications. We can design your system to be fire code compliant and provide a full turn-key installation at an affordable price. Throughout the last 20 years we have installed fire alarms in applications ranging from single family homes to nursing homes with over 600 smoke detectors.

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Sprinkler Systems

Best Defense Sprinkler SystemsBest Defense Security & Fire Protection, Inc, provides professional sprinkler system installation at a reasonable price. We cover everything from small residential style and small CBRF NFPA 13D sprinkler systems, to larger multifamily NFPA 13R systems, and all the way up to full NFPA 13 systems for businesses, warehouses, manufacturing, and high-rack storage.

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Access Control

Best Defense Access ControlBest Defense has installed access control card reader systems for companies throughout Wisconsin including large industrial applications, schools, multi-tenant commercial buildings, apartment buildings and even bars. Our access control systems are intuitive, easy to use and expandable, to control an unlimited number of locations.

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