Fire Sprinkler Installation

Secure Your Employees and Family, Property and Valuables with Sprinkler Services by Best Defense

Fire sprinkler systems are extremely important for life-safety and property protection and are the largest facet of our business. In addition to our three offices, Best Defense employs licensed journeymen fire sprinkler installation fitters across the state for installation in cities everywhere throughout Wisconsin. Our team has installed projects including large industrial warehouse storage facilities, multi-family residential, hotels, office complexes, assisted living, and even small residences.

With in-house design at each of our three offices we can respond promptly to your needs by designing and submitting for a compliant suppression system to meet your needs. We have all the tools and education to design, install, inspect and service your ideal fire sprinkler system.

In addition, Best Defense maintains our own in-house sprinkler fabrication shop which allows us to quickly provide systems for retrofit work.

Contact us for all of your fire sprinkler needs at or call us at 800-237-8389.