Fire Sprinkler Service

Best Defense Fire Protection Offers Full Fire Sprinkler Service

Wisconsin mandates that fire sprinkler systems be tested and inspected at least once a year, with the responsibility falling on the property owner to ensure the systems are in good operating condition. Your fire sprinkler system valves, gauges, sprinkler heads, pumps, and all the rest need to be ready to go every minute of every day.

Best Defense Fire Protection is your source for highly qualified, licensed specialists who will ensure your sprinkler system is prepared to protect life, property and valuables.

  • Emergency Sprinkler Service – 24/7
  • Sprinkler freeze-ups
  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Sprinkler head relocation
  • Fire sprinkler repair and replacement of valves
  • Leak repair
  • MIC mitigation & repair
  • Backflow repair
  • Backflow certification & replacement
  • Fire Pump repair
  • 5 year internal inspection
Contact us for all of your fire sprinkler needs at or call us at 800-237-8389.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection