IT Products & Communications

Cellevator Emergency Elevator Monitoring

Most elevators in Wisconsin require some sort of elevator monitoring which Best Defense can provide at a reasonable price. We install emergency elevator phones or work with your elevator company to have your existing elevator phone connected to our monitoring station.

At our monitoring station, an emergency call from your elevator phone automatically displays your account information — even if the elevator occupant is unable to speak, we can identify the location and contact the authorities.

We can also provide different VOIP or line-sharing options to help with monthly elevator phone bills. Cellevator provides a cost-effective solution for providing ASME 17 compliant voice communications to your elevator and emergency phones without the cost of expensive traditional phone lines. Cellevator delivers voice quality communications using dependable GSM technology which can be more dependable in an emergency that vulnerable, traditional lines.

3CX IP Telephone

Best Defense utilizes 3CX IP servers and Cisco SPA IP telephones for communications between our three Wisconsin offices. We have found this to be a very effective, yet very affordable communications solution. As a 3CX distribution partner, we're excited to offer you the same IP phone system that has helped us make the INC 5000 list with incredible growth over the last several years.

Data Cabling

Our expert installers are ready to help you with your cabling needs, from assessing your current requirements and predicting future needs as well.
We'll design and install all of your cabling, including data, voice and fiber optic, with qualified experts who will meet all your service

Wireless Networks

Best Defense offers affordable wireless networking solutions which are easy for your IT staff to deploy. We'll provide you with a high quality, affordable, efficient and intuitive enterprise class wireless system.

Be confident your handling the growing expectation of accessible WiFi — from a small office configuration with just a few access points to a network with multiple sites such as a school campus, all controlled from innovative and intuitive browser-based controller software.

Ethernet Thermostats

Best Defense utilizes the EcoBee EMS Energy Management System and IP based thermostat for control of the thermostats in each of our offices and we're experiencing thousands of dollars per year in energy savings! We're happy to offer you this product as an add-on or stand alone service.

EcoBee's management console allows for easily programmed heating and cooling schedules. You'll have full control over how much access employees and tenants have — program thermostats to fully lock them out or allow temporary control only which reverts back to scheduled heating and cooling after a preset time. The EMS management console also allows access to all of your thermostats from a single computer interface or easily control your temperatures and schedules from the EcoBee smartphone app.

Looking for residential solutions? Best Defense offers Z-Wave thermostats, which allow you to control the temperature of your primary and vacation home remotely via a smartphone or computer. Create heating and cooling scenes for comfort, reduced energy consumption, and utility costs.