Compliance Engine

Best Defense Fire Protection & Security works with Compliance Engine and encourages the use of this service in order to keep proper track of all records to be stored in the cloud. Compliance Engine keeps records of all fire related systems on your property and can tell you which systems are functional, which systems need repair, and which systems need testing. For a small fee, Best Defense Fire Protection & Security will maintain any fire system records with the Compliance Engine.

Story Time

Owning a business is a serious, and sometimes, scary ordeal. There's so much to keep track of, from [example 1] to [example 2], there's too much too sort and file. ​ Imagine, if you will, that you had just started a new business. You want to have a warehouse, an office, a garage, and maybe even a concessions stand. All of these buildings will need some form of fire protection and by proxy will need to be inspected quarterly, annually, and even every five years. The headache that could cause would be catastrophic, never mind even keeping track of all that information over the years. Why not simplify the process? Why not take away the hassle of organization, record-keeping, and filing strategies and let someone else handle that for you? Enter the Compliance Engine. With TCE, you can sleep easy at night know that all your fire protection inspection records are kept in the cloud and that all systems on your properties will function. TCE notifies all involved parties of when an inspection is upcoming and even helps everyone prepare for them. No more stressing out over wondering if your systems are functional, need repairs, or even testing. Let us help you maintain your systems in the more reliable and stress-free way possible. Contact us today about how Best Defense Fire Protection & Security works with local Fire Departments and The Compliance Engine.