Water Leak Detection and Shut-Off

Water Leak Detection and Shut-Off

Water damage accounts for almost 25% of all homeowner property losses in the United States, totaling upwards of $9,000,000,000 in damages. Best Defense Fire Protection & Security can help prevent these commonplace damages through the use of automated leak detection systems.

Z-Wave wireless communications are used primarily for home automation. Using low-energy radio waves, these systems can communicate from appliance to appliance, such as lighting control, security systems, and thermostats. Additionally, these systems can be controlled from wireless keyfobs, wall-mounted kaypads, and smartphone and computer apps.

This technology presents an alternative to the standard security systems protecting against home intruders by layering in protection against additional threats such as fire, carbon monoxide and even water damage. Automated leak detection systems will send alerts in case of leaks and can even be used to shut off the water supply automatically in case of an alert. Small sensors are easily placed in a building’s most vulnerable areas such as by valves, sumps, and water heaters. The system understands the location of each sensor and can therefore instantly pinpoint the location of any leak.

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