Why Best Defense?

Best Defense as a Servicer

Here at Best Defense we strive to be, quite literally, the best in the business. Our commitments are to you, the client, and we stop at nothing to make sure that any service you need is supplied and any problem you have is solved. We have higher standards than most other companies and we want to make sure that whatever you need is done right the first time with no hassle and no hidden charges.

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Best Defense as a Servicer

We take our job seriously in this industry, after all we help save lives and properties with our systems and catch emergencies before they become an uncontrollable problem. That’s why it our mission to build the best in the business from the office staff all the way to the field technicians. When we bring on new workers we expect passion to grow, learn, and lead along with dedication to our clients in giving them the best service we can offer. 

A company that cares about you: 

    • We work with your strengths to make sure that when we succeed, you succeed. 

A place to grow and learn: 

    • We want you to be the best version of yourself which is why we pay for NICET training and help guide you down the best path. 

A team that wants to work with you: 

    • Here at Best Defense it’s us against the problem, when we do our job we do it right the first time. We have high standards and that reflects with our employees. 

A company to be proud of: 

    • We work hard to be the best in the business and we want our employees to be proud to say they are part of our team.

Benefits: ​

    • Paid Time Off

    • Medical Insurance

    • Dental Insurance

    • Workers’ Compensation 

    • Individual Retirement Accounts

    • Flexible Spending Accounts

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