Hydrant Flow Tests

Your Source for Hydrant Flow Tests

Best Defense conducts fire hydrant flow tests, determining the flow rate and pressure through your water distribution system. These tests should be conducted regularly to make sure they’re capable of providing enough water at a high enough pressure for fire hose use and to be sure your system can sustain the needs of a fire sprinkler system. The National Fire Protection Association requires all fire hydrants to be tested and inspected at least annually, and flow tested every 5 years. This applies to all fire hydrants that are on and within private property such as shopping centers, malls and parking lots. It’s important to remember that these testing and inspection requirements are the responsibility of the property owner or a representative and must be performed by qualified professionals such as the staff at Best Defense Fire Protection & Security.

For the proper design of any fire sprinkler system, we’ll conduct a fire hydrant flow test to measure the non-flowing and flowing pressure. Also, most jurisdictions require flow tests.

Best Defense will conduct your test by completely opening the valve in order to record the pressure, while using water diverters to prevent damage to landscaping and roadways.

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