Campus Security

In response to mass shootings in multiple schools building codes have been updated to require Voice Communications for fire alarm systems.  Voice fire alarm systems have in turn matured into multi-faceted life safety systems know  as Emergency Communications Systems.  The traditional voice fire alarm is an excellent platform for emergency alarm functions beyond fire alarm due to its robust nature and code required redundancy.  Modern Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) take the best features of fire alarms and integrate them with traditional and enhanced security technologies to provide an overall integrated response to emergencies in today's campus environment.

In the event of a tornado, the push of one button can play a message to all campus buildings and insure the message continues to play even during a power outage due to the requirements for the ECS system to have a 24 hour supervised battery backup.

In the event of an active shooter scenario, an input from a panic button, gunshot detector, wireless panic system, or mobile text to relay input can trigger the ECS system to sound an active shooter alarm to trigger ALICE lockdown while also interfacing with card access systems to lockdown doors, camera systems to trigger remote viewing of cameras, text notification to staff and student cell phones, and outdoor MNS (Mass Notification) through large panel array speakers.

Modern ECS fire alarms can be programmed for PAS (Positive Alarm Sequence) that allows the delay of a fire alarm for up to 3 minutes while an armed guard responds to the fire alarm, helping to insure that the fire alarm is not being used as a weapon by an active shooter to initiate mass evacuation of a building.

ECS / MNS systems can greatly assist in minimizing loss of life in the event of a worst case scenario.

Honeywell E3

Honeywell ECS Emergency Communication Systems

Best Defense offers ECS systems manufactured by Honeywell.  The Honeywell Farenhyt ECS series of panels is ideal for small to mid-size buildings with the robust Gamewell - FCI E3 panel offering the expansion capability to protect the largest of high-rise or sprawling campus facilities.  Both the Honeywell Farenhyt and Honeywell Gamewell-FCI panels are "engineered" solutions, offered by several engineered systems distributors, giving you the benefit of choice in servicing your systems as compared to truly proprietary brands.

E3 Series Combined Fire and MNS System

E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation System

Emergency Communications Mass Notification


Mass Notification Interfaces

Best Defense offers several brands of mass notification MNS interfaced systems.  These systems can tie campus buildings together for emergency alarm communications using relay or voice communications over radio or IP communications.  These systems allow a centralized dispatch, or even a responding guard or police officer on a radio to communicate to one or all of your buildings with the push of a button in the event of an emergency.

Mass Notification Integrated Network Solutions

WAVES Integrated Base Station & Software

Speakers & Sirens

Alertus In-Building Notification

Unified Emergency Mass Notification

Alertus Mass Notification Communications

Rath Blue Light Emergency Phones

Emergency Call Phones

Best Defense provides, installs, and services emergency telephones which interface back to campus security for emergencies within your campus.

Emergency Phones, Surveillance & Security

Everbridge Mass Notification        

Emergency Mass notification to text

Immediately alert staff and students of emergency situations with the push of a single icon on your PC, or by the push of a single button directly to text over their telephones.

MNS to text notification


RS2 Technologies

Emergency Communications Systems can easily interface with access control systems such as Best Defense's RS2 access control systems to allow for immediate campus-wide lockdown with the touch of any panic interface anywhere on your ECS system.

Access Readers Interface

SIS Security Information Systems        

On-Site Monitoring stations

Best Defense can assist you in providing your own listed or approved "proprietary remote monitoring station" to meet state and local codes for monitoring your own alarms in a code compliant manner.

Alarm Center Software Suite

AES Corporation

AES Wireless monitoring

Best Defense can provide a robust wireless monitoring network for your fire alarm systems, connecting them to your monitoring station over a robust redundant radio network.  This saves you the expense of phone lines while improving dependability.

Mesh Radio Technology

ECS for Mass Notification